Split // Minenfeld

by Kriegszittern

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Split w/ Minenfeld (minenfeld.bandcamp.com)

Released on Caligari Records (www.caligarirecords.com)


released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Kriegszittern Mülheim, Germany

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Track Name: Verdunkeln
Millionen lebende Leichen
Verrotten in ihren Häusern
Ohne Licht und doch geblendet
Erwarten sie die Bomben

Sie verdunkeln

Keine Seele auf der Straße
Totenstille in den Stadt
Der schwarze Hauch der Nacht
Vernebelt die Hirne

Sie verdunkeln

Das Auge der Propaganda
Sucht nach den Lichtern
Mehr Angst vorm Regime
Als vor dem Feind

Sie verdunkeln

Dennoch werden alle
Ihr Ende finden
Die Bomben werden fallen
Denn eins ist sicher

Wir verdunkeln nicht!
Track Name: Green Hell
Deep in the forest
Send out to rescue
What will they find?
Who will it be?

Skinned corpses hanging
The green hell catches
Best of the best
One by one

Who will they find?
These sons of bitches
The jungle strikes
Track Name: Chains of War
The wide stage is on the front
Distinguished heroes lining u
The smell of steel and mud’s in the wind
This day will bring death and destruction

Chains of war
Screaming in battle
Chains of death
Crush to conquer

The ballet of war has started
Cannons enter clock
The frontline dances like fire
This entry will claim their lives

Suddenly interrupted
Is the performance
The dance of death
Was ended by antitank mines

For those fallen heroes
There’s no approbation
Cause they were no leads
But war criminals

Chains of war
Binding the carcasses
Chains of death
Are their sepulchre
Track Name: Dance of Death
Eyes in the dark
Hold on your breath
Paranoid and anxious
Staring into the night sky

From far distance
Thunder growls

On the horizon
Spot Lights turning on
Sirens are screaming
The enemy is in sight

The storm of steel
Is close to you

You are defenceless
Hear their call
See them falling
This is your end